When Business Isn’t Fun Anymore

Do you remember the excitement and anticipation when you went to fill out your ‘Doing Business As’ or incorporation paperwork? All the planning and preparation that went into starting your new business. Deciding on a name, opening a business bank account, ordering business cards, difficulty sleeping because of all the ideas running through your mind.

Do you still feel that way?

Sadly, most business owners lose that excitement along the way as the day-to-day grind of actually running a business keeps them from enjoying the process of building a business. If you want to find a way to recapture that excitement, you must take some time to reflect on why you went into business in the first place.

What was your ‘why’? What reasons prompted you to step out and become a business owner?

More money
Financial freedom
Desire to quit your job
Get out of debt
Pay for kid’s college
Like a challenge
Hate the ball and chain of a job
Tired of raises that don’t keep up with inflation
Need to care for an elderly parent
Want to travel
Freedom to work where you want, when you want
Tired of making someone else rich
Tired of the government getting the majority of your hard earned money

There are so many legitimate reasons to start your own business, but the important thing to recall is why YOU went into business for yourself. Somewhere inside you was a burning desire to do something with your life that you weren’t doing, and starting a business was your way to satisfy that desire.

But what happened?

Has the day-to-day stress of being responsible for running your business nibbled away at your dreams and desires until you no longer feel the joy and excitement every day as you begin your work? Do you oftentimes find yourself wishing you were back being an employee again where you can just put in your time and go home? Do you feel like time is flying by and you aren’t living the life you want, but instead just surviving every day, frantically treading water hoping you don’t drown?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Owning your own business is challenging, sure. It’s a lot of hard work, absolutely. But if done correctly, owning your own business can be your ticket to having all your dreams and desires fulfilled.

So what’s a business owner to do?

Before you reach the point of throwing in the towel, find a way to reconnect with your reasons for starting your business in the first place. Spend every day focusing on these reasons to motivate you to continue pursuing your dreams. If you are having trouble being able to do this by yourself, maybe it’s time to admit that you need help.

One of the best resources to help you keep the excitement and fun of building a business alive is having a business coach. Just like athletes depend on a coach to help them stay focused, motivated, and performing at peak capacity, a business owner can receive the same benefits by having a coach by their side.

So whether you have been in business for a year or ten years, working with a business coach can mean the difference between just going through the daily motions or actually enjoying the process of learning, growing and building a business. Having someone beside you to help navigate through the various stages of owning a business can be invaluable.

Don’t accept the fact that your dreams are fading. Take charge of the situation and find a solution that keeps the dream alive. Admitting you need help and getting that help can mean the difference between success and failure.

You can be one of the 80% of business owners who fail or you can do what it takes to be in the minority that succeeds. The choice is up to you.